There are times when an ActivPanel, or one of its user profiles, has become inaccessible due to a forgotten PIN or an unrecoverable password.

If this happens to a panel enrolled in Radix, IT administrators can help users regain access by remotely resetting the device’s security setting.

This is done by sending a ‘Remote Exec’ command to the locked panel via the Radix VISO admin account.

IMPORTANT: This method will remove the security for all users on the ActivPanel.

Before you start, have your ActivPanel serial number to hand.

Creating the Remote Exec command

Log in to Radix via your IT Admin account on myPromethean.

Click Repositories in the left menu, and then select Remote Exec.

Click Add New to create a new command.

In the command window, enter the following details:

  • Enter a name for the new command (for example, “PIN/Password Removal”).
  • In the Command box, type:
  • In the Arguments box, type the following line:
    -c "rm /data/system/locksettings.db*"
  • Ensure that only Run with high privileges is checked.

User-added image

Click Confirm.

Sending the Remote Exec command to the ActivPanel

Click Devices in the left menu.

Click the serial number of the affected ActivPanel to show its control panel.

In the control panel window, click Repositories actions, and then select Remote Exec.

Choose the command you created earlier, then click Apply.

The next time the ActivPanel is rebooted, the security on the panel will be cleared and users will again have access.