Through distance learning, the use of webcams in classrooms around the world has now become more common.

Promethean’s Distance Learning Bundle offers a remote learning solution to be used in conjunction with a front-of-class display, such as the ActivPanel Elements Series. It includes a camera which connects via the USB port on your computer, according to the instructions on the Webcam Quick Install Guide.

When using any third-party webcam with an ActivPanel Nickel, Cobalt, Titanium or Titanium Pro, Promethean recommends for best results that it is connected to an external computing device, rather than to the ActivPanel directly.

While some webcams may appear to work when connected to the panel, Promethean cannot guarantee their functionality and performance.

More information on how to set up the Distance Learning Bundle is available on the ActivPanel Accessories page and in these videos:

How to Set Up the Distance Learning Bundle with Zoom
How to Set Up the Distance Learning Bundle with Microsoft Teams